1What does the Pickup Window mean?
The pickup window is a specific time frame to allow for pickup before and after your specified shipment dates. Some Brokers may have a higher pickup window and in that case you would need to be aware of those with lower prices because you may not see your vehicle for several weeks. It is very important when choosing a company to go with someone that is very honest and reputable who can get your vehicle moved within a reasonable time frame.
2What kind of insurance will my vehicle have while in transit?
While your vehicle is in transit it is fully insured. By law the transport trucks must carry a minimum of $750,000 of liability insurance. Browns Auto Transport is also named a certificate holder on each transporters policy so that if any damage were to be incurred we can act as a liaison during the settlement of your claim. Personal contents inside the automobile are not covered by the carrier's insurance.
3What should I do if my vehicle is damaged in transit?
When the driver delivers the vehicle the damage should be clearly marked and noted on the bill of lading and then signed for by the driver. Then a phone call should be placed to Browns Auto Transport to inform us of the damage. Make sure you have all documentation to back up your claim because false claims can result in legal action. All claims must also be submitted in writing within 72 hours of delivery along with pictures.
4How long will shipping take?
Every move is different and several factors will play a role in your shipping time such as weather, traffic, the distance from point A to point B. As a good guideline, East to West coast shipments typically take 7-10 days and Midwest to the East or West coast will take 4-6 days. These are just general guidelines and again every trip is different.
5What should I expect?
Once your order is placed Browns Auto Transport will call you 12-24 hours ahead of the pickup date to confirm details. Then the driver will call about 12 hours out to arrange the pickup and further details. Once the vehicle is loaded and on its way the delivery end will get a phone call about 24 hours ahead of time as well to plan for the drivers arrival. Sometimes depending on your location the driver may ask that you meet him in the nearest parking lot to unload. Please keep in mind that Door to Door means that the driver will get as close as he legally and safely can without damaging his truck, the vehicles on his truck or property around him. At delivery is when you should be prepared to pay the driver with either cash, cashiers check or money order.
6Do I need to be present when my vehicle is picked up and delivered?
Yes, you or a designated individual you assign must be present at both the pickup and/or delivery for when the driver arrives at either destination.
7Can Items be in my car during transport?
Browns Auto Transport does not recommend leaving any belongings in your vehicle while its in transit as they are not covered under the drivers insurance policy. No more than 150 pounds of soft goods such as clothing, pillows and blankets can be in there period. And under no circumstances can any vehicle contain firearms, illegal substances or hazardous material.
8How early should I place my order?
1-2 weeks should be given for shipment. Last minute orders are always welcome and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.